Veter Veter - robotics vehicle for researchers and makers



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Which needs does the project fulfill?

Researchers starting in the fields of robotics, AI and computer vision usually spend considerable amount of time to build robotic vehicle to verify their software ideas. Using our platform, they can focus on actual research instead of solving standard mechanical and low-level control issues.

Powered by recent developments in online education and growing interest in robotics, such as Stanford "Machine learning" course and Udacity's "Artificial Intelligence for Robotics", the demand on reasonably priced open robotics platform dramatically increased. With Veter robot we are offering great platform to fulfill this demand.

Competitive advantages of our platform

Comparing to existing and potential competitors our solution offers following advantages. In the hardware area we provide:

In the software area we provide: By embracing open software and hardware paradigm we and our customers have access to vibrant and large community of developers and designers. By shifting complexity to the software and simplifying hardware we were able to reduce price to very competitive level.

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