Veter Veter - robotics vehicle for researchers and makers

Veter-project team

We are a small team of robotics enthusiasts who decide to spend considerable amount of their time working on veter-project. Despite being small, our team have knowledge and experience to cover all domains required to build advanced robotics vehicles. The best way to contact us is per email:

Andrey Nechypurenko. He has many years of experience in defining architecture and implementing large scale distributed real-time and embedded systems in automotive and industrial automation domain.
Maxim Parkachov. His expertise area lies in integration of the enterprise front-facing applications with industry standard back-ends, optimizations of parallel processing systems and data quality processes implementation.
Nikolay Nikolaev (aka. Sungreen). Is a great 3D designer who has developed all the 3D robot body models for 3D printing as well as all the graphics for cockpit application.
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